Welcome to Never Worn

This is my micro and flash fiction site. A place for me to write, to put down random story ideas as they come to me. The intention is they will be fully formed true micro/flash fiction pieces with a start, middle and end.

Never Worn?

From arguably the most famous piece of micro fiction ever written, claimed to be by Ernest Hemingway when he was challenged by his fellow authors to write a story in 6 words. He apparently won $10 for it!

“For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.”

What is micro or flash fiction?

Flash fiction, also known as sudden fiction or short-short stories, has gained popularity in recent years. Flash fiction is typically slightly longer than micro fiction, ranging from 100 to 1,000 words. There are no real rules, some online competitions, for example, can allow up to 2000 words or sometimes more. However, like micro fiction, true flash fiction is characterised by its brevity and requires the writer to make every word count!

Micro fiction, also known as micro-stories or micro literature are stories that can be told in very few words, typically under 100 words. Micro fiction relies on the writer’s ability to convey a story, message, or emotion in a very limited amount of space. Something I find very challenging!

Vintage tech?

Yes, I know, but that’s the fun part (other than the writing of course). I tend to write micro/flash fiction on vintage portable PCs. They are perfect for this, and my current tool of choice is an Amstrad NC100 – it has long battery life and an easy way to send files to and from modern computers. I also love using the AlphaSmart Dana, and if it weren’t for the terrible battery consumption that model would be my go-to tool. However, I have recently hacked it to accept normal rechargeable batteries and work off a USB powerbank, so once I test that in the field, so to speak, it may become my favourite again.

If anybody finds this site and reads the stories, I am always very happy to receive feedback.